Voice Search Marketing – How to Become the Top Voice Search Result

Do you remember how poor mobile voice software was in the early 2000’s? The thought of attempting a voice text was cringe worthy. With that being said, over the past twenty years we have come a long way. Siri, Cortana, and Alexa have become household names in the rise of top tech companies voice software and can be found on numerous affordable mobile devices.

Voice search has opened up doors, perhaps even faster then expected in this ever evolving digital world, meaning the time to be opportunistic is now. There are ways to target keywords for voice search and manipulate your way to the top of the Voice Search results.

Focusing on what people search for via voice and utilizing the keywords from those searches are crucial. You will find with voice keyword research there are differences in the way people ask for answers.  Below is one of the most common examples of a voice search.

“Do I need…?”

A study has shown that the above Google voice search “Do I need..?” had skyrocketed 65% since 2017, alongside a few others of the most common search question formats. Tactical integration of keywords similar to the ones above can increase rank on voice results which is very important considering the voice results response is often only one suggestion, sometimes two or three (depending on device).  Fundamental digital marketing is a necessity as variables such as location often come in to play as well.

Undoubtedly, algorithms will change over time and paid advertising may play a bigger role in years to come but at the moment getting ahead on voice searches is preeminent for business as substantial growth in this marketing channel will continue to elevate over the coming years.

Josh D’Agnolo, Founder/Owner UltraCom Digital

Voice Activation  Facts

-there are an estimated 1.2 billion voice searches per month

 -52% of voice activated speaker owners would like to receive info on deals, offers, and promotions from their favourite brands

-41% of people who own a voice activated device say it feels like they’re talking to a friend or another person per google